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Jake Hanson

I’ve honestly probably spent more time in hockey skates than actual shoes growing up. In the summers my mom would drop me off at the rink at 8am every morning to practice and train with the older players in Peoria. We would spend hours on the ice honing our skills and learning from the older guys who were already playing in college or pro.

In those hockey skates, I learned the value of passion and hard work. At that point in life I wanted nothing more than to play college hockey like the guys I looked up to. By the time the summer was over and it was time for the season to start I would need new skates. Mine would be totally broken down and ripped apart in three short months. Wearing those skates, I would skate until I couldn’t stand, make myself sick, bleed and even break bones. But in the end every cut and broken bone was worth it. I achieved my goal and made it to college hockey.

That passion and work ethic hasn’t left me as I’ve walked away from hockey. Working here at AdCo my dress shoes don’t look like hockey skates, but they feel the same. I love the challenges and fast pace that comes with working here. With that love for what I do comes the passion and hard work that helped me achieve my goals in hockey. Now with the help of my AdCo family I get to achieve my goals here.

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