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AdCo Building

AdCo began in January of 1997 as a media buying agency at a time when the concept was new and only in large media markets. Julie Russell, founder and president of AdCo, had worked with a few niche agencies such as these during her 10 year career in radio sales and saw the possibility of adapting that type of system to the Peoria market.

Armed with a new laptop computer, a subscription to the Arbitron and Nielsen Ratings and her 4 month old daughter, Julie “retired” from radio sales and immediately began representing two area agencies’ media buying services. Soon, AdCo began adding direct clients and what began as a radio/TV/outdoor media buying agency quickly needed creative services which were outsourced to other agencies and freelance artists.

In the summer of 2003, AdCo was given the opportunity to assume a large portion of another agency’s clients. This provided a strong foundation that allowed AdCo to become a full-service advertising agency.

AdCo continued adding staff following the then new and emerging philosophy of surrounding yourself with the best and making them part of your in-house team. A framework which allows for a higher level of creativity and ease of implementation.

With the addition of web development and media production, AdCo quickly outgrew their rented offices and in 2009, purchased a building they could call their own. A building which was renovated to include offices, creative spaces and audio/video production facilities.

AdCo’s creative team has earned numerous national and international awards. The account and agency services departments boast incredible media, marketing and management experience but most importantly, results and success for their clients.

Every member of the team brings a unique set of skills and experiences to every client situation. Sharing a level of trust, respect and commitment to clients and business principles enables AdCo to deliver results.

AdCo’s areas of expertise include, but are not limited to, retail, healthcare, law, education, home building/improvement, automotive and banking/investing/insurance.

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