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Digital images are stored as a grid of pixels, however a digitally stored image has no inherent physical dimensions.


It’s absolutely true. An image that is 1,000 px X 1,000 px has no measurement because there is no resolution associated with it. The resolution of an image is an indicator for how to interpret the pixels and is generally expressed as PPI (Pixels Per Inch) or DPI (Dots Per Inch). You can think of DPI like a map key showing you how long a mile is for example.

As a recent University of Illinois graduate, I am the new kid on the block here at AdCo. Unlike academic professors, clients forgo the distribution of syllabi. Sure, in initial meetings, we share goals and expectations, but there is no script for day to day interaction and opportunities jump up, and we need to be able to grab them!

Social Media Marketing Experts

I think most companies realize the importance of social media in the current marketplace. It is all around us and becoming a bigger and bigger part of our everyday lives. This gives companies a new, effective way to communicate with potential and existing customers. The challenge becomes in how to best integrate social media strategies with the traditional media strategies.

Anyone who interacts with teenagers or maybe you, yourself is young enough to have experienced it first hand, knows there’s a different language out there. Some call it the “text message” language where it is perfectly okay to abbreviate, misspell or swap words with acronyms in order to text faster or hide things from parents. 

You want a website that performs the best.  Your customers love to visit it.  Your love to update it.  Search engines love to crawl it.  A content management system (CMS) is necessary, but how do you know which one is the best?  WordPress?  Joomla? Something else?

Are You Clickable?

We live in a world with many distractions. Not only in real life, but online as well. As a business, you need to cut through the clutter with your online advertising and make people want to click on your...

Customer Service is Key

It’s doesn’t matter if you are selling widgets or mansions, you have to deliver good customer service. Your customers are very different depending on the industry you are in and so are their expectations but several things remain the same.

Web Video ts Vital

Having video for your website and social media has become an integral component to the success of your online presence. Why, exactly? Web videos are more engaging than static content and add personality to your message while boosting your performance in search results.

Capture Online Sales Leads

That's kinda like asking can I get THERE from HERE. There are soooooo many choices and it depends on lots of things like, oh - let's say... your budget. Most of us don't have gigantic ones, as we have to still maintain our traditional dollars and add to it with our digital dollars. We're used to that. BUT we do know tricks that get results that use realistic budgets. We have partnerships that we formed over the years and those relationships really help in getting cost-effective solutions and results!

Responsive Web Design

If you have a responsive website - meaning your site works in all screen sizes - then yep - you're groovy. If you have a old-fashioned mobile friendly site that some newspaper gave you for free when you bought an ad in the paper - you're compliant. Not groovy tho. Most users do not like mobile sites - they feel like they are missing something from the full, main site. Surveys say only about 5% of everyone like mobile sites.

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