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Customer Service is Key

It’s doesn’t matter if you are selling widgets or mansions, you have to deliver good customer service. Your customers are very different depending on the industry you are in and so are their expectations but several things remain the same.

  1. Good communication. Customers always want to be listened to and to know that you’ve heard what they said. This will also help you sell to them in the future. If you know what they want, you can offer good products and services to fit their needs.
  2. Only make promises you can keep. It always helps to exceed their expectations but, as soon as you can’t keep a promise it will be very hard to earn their trust in the future.
  3. Complaints, we all have them. How you handle a problem will either lose or keep that customer forever. One thing to keep in mind is it may just be one customer you are working with but they will share how you handled the situation with all their friends and family. Take a bad situation and turn it around to help your customer and you.
  4. Take the extra step. This may be as simple as offering advice for something to make a product work better or something that will help them in the future or even giving them a tidbit of knowledge that will make their life easier. They will always remember it.

Keeping customers is far easier than finding and selling to new ones.

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