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Are You Clickable?

We live in a world with many distractions. Not only in real life, but online as well. As a business, you need to cut through the clutter with your online advertising and make people want to click on your ad! So what makes an ad clickable? Unfortunately there are no clear cut answers. A lot of it is trial and error & finding out what works in your market. But here are some quick tips to help you along:

  1. The right content - make sure the content of your ad is using the right key words to what people are searching. And keep it short!
  2. The right colors - Colors are pretty interesting (and powerful!). They can make you feel sad, happy, hungry, excited, happy….the list could go on and on! Determine what you want your ad to do. Make customers feel relaxed? Perhaps go for green. Take action? Orange is good for that. Again, there is no right answer. (Except the one that works for you!)
  3. The right button - make it clear and concise want you want the customer to do, so there is no confusion. (any confusion- and they will click somewhere else) Put it above the fold! The right combination- Like I’ve said above, there is no clear cut answer. You might have ads you find that don’t work …and that’s ok! Make that a learning curve! It’s also wise to have an A/B campaign. You can track both, see what works and doesn’t work with both.

And don’t get frustrated if you haven’t found that right combination yet. Remember a wise man once said… “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work” – Thomas Edison

For more interesting information on the psychology of “why we click” check this out!

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