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CMS Choices

You want a website that performs the best.  Your customers love to visit it.  Your love to update it.  Search engines love to crawl it.  A content management system (CMS) is necessary, but how do you know which one is the best?  WordPress?  Joomla? Something else?

The answer is, there is no overall “best”, there is only what’s best for your company and your situation.

Let’s look at a few pros and cons of each of two of the biggest CMS’s.



  • Ease of use. has enabled users to set up sophisticated websites on their own with only a few hours of time.  No messing with domain names or web hosting, just sign up and go!
  • Blogging.  WordPress is all about blogging.  If the main purpose of your website is to have news or blog-type pages, that is exactly what WordPress specializes in.
  • Plugins. WordPress has one of the largest plugin libraries, so if you want to do more than blog, there’s probably a plugin (or two or three) that can help you.


  • Plugins.  (Yes, this is a pro AND a con!) It’s  not always clear which plugins will work with your version of WordPress and which will seem to install, but then cause all sorts of fun problems.
  • Updates. WordPress releases updates more frequently than Joomla, so you might find yourself spending more time upgrading your site and plugins.
  • Hackers. WordPress’s popularity makes it a strong target for hackers.  If a vulnerability is found, hackers know that there are millions of WordPress websites that are instantly at risk.  Keeping your WordPress site and all of its plugins updated is vital!



  • Best of both worlds. Joomla is still pretty easy to setup and use, though you do need some minor technical knowledge.  But it also allows for a lot more customization than WordPress, without going so far as being a complete, built-from-scratch, custom solution.
  • Data management and communities. Joomla’s core purpose is content management, which makes it great at handling sites with large amounts of content or pages.  It’s also got great tools for building an online community or social network.
  • Plugins. Joomla has a huge database of free and low-cost plugins.  It also attempts to prevent you from installing plugins that are incompatible with your version of Joomla.


  • Plugins and hackers.  Like WordPress, each plugin you add to your Joomla site runs the risk of adding flaws or vulnerabilities and it’s very important that you keep your site upgraded.

So which CMS is the best?  It really depends on what you need!

Here at AdCo, we specialize in Joomla.  We’ve found that it is adaptable enough to suit a wide variety of clients and business types.  We can get it up and running quickly for smaller sites, or turn it into something completely different without having to reinvent the wheel.

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