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I think most companies realize the importance of social media in the current marketplace. It is all around us and becoming a bigger and bigger part of our everyday lives. This gives companies a new, effective way to communicate with potential and existing customers. The challenge becomes in how to best integrate social media strategies with the traditional media strategies.

  1. Develop Great Strategy First
    Just as in traditional media, it is important to develop your strategy and what your desired outcome is before jumping in feet first. Ultimately goal oriented strategy is more important than just selecting the hottest trend in social media. Developing a strategy where traditional and social work together is key. By determining who we are trying to reach and what the message is that we want to convey, we can choose our best tools from our toolbox.
  2. Implement an Integrated Plan
    It is important to mix it up! Using the traditional media platforms like television, radio, billboards and print will establish and solidify brand awareness whereas current social media will give us the opportunity to interact with our customers on a deeper level. We use traditional media platforms to tell customers who we are and what we do, and social media will allow us to show them why we do it. Utilizing these strategies together will help us create stronger brand loyalty.
  3. Call to Action
    Find a reason to interact with your customers. Give them a reason to follow you or click on your online ad. Get them involved. The key is two-way interaction. Creating a buzz will keep them coming back and more importantly talking about you to other online users which in turn creates more buzz! Utilize your traditional media platforms to drive customers to your social media. Let them know you have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. Customers want to see what you’re all about and you want to show them!
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