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Julie Russell

Shoes. you know, I really do like shoes. I like shopping for shoes. It's fun. I like the hunt-you know, for just the right pair for that perfect outfit. I like wearing shoes-you know, for comfort. Ha ha! Girls don't wear shoes for comfort silly! We wear them for FUN! I also reallllly like matching purses with my shoes. Oh, but that just gets me into trouble.

Because next to shoes, I "luv" purses. Yet the best is when you hit a great sale! And see those ones in the catalog that you just couldn't/didn't dare order-and now LOOK! they're on sale! That's cool. But then it's a tough decision whether you should just get one color, or go ahead and get two, because they're on sale! I think AdCo is a lot like shoes-that favorite pair-the dependable ones-the ones that fit you just right, you can wear them all day comfortably, anticipates your next step so you don't trip, they look just right with everything and don't give you any blisters.

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