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Brian Respress

It has been said that artists are a different breed. I like to think as normal as the next guy who is as comfortable sitting behind an easel or strumming a guitar or snowmobiling across a blanketed field.

I guess that’s why I had trouble picking just one pair of shoes. It’s also why AdCo seems like such a good fit for me.

I came to AdCo in November 2015 after more than 25 years of experience in graphic design and art director at agencies in central Illinois. I knew that here I would get the opportunity to do the kind of work I do best and love the most, while still being able to spread my wings a little.

I enjoy oil painting, playing music and photography along with snowmobiling in my spare time. I follow the St. Louis Cardinals, the Bradley Braves and, my favorite, the Minnesota Vikings despite frequent ribbing from Bears fans.

The Vikings? I guess I am a little different.

Contact Brian here.

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