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Adam Sams

Do you ever wonder how Santa Claus does it all in one night? Well here is a little spoiler alert, so make sure the kiddos aren’t reading this. The answer is… he doesn’t! He has a lot of help. There are a lot of moving parts all around the big guy and I’m not talking about his 8 tiny reindeer. When you start comparing your business to Santa’s operation, there are a lot more similarities than you might think. From products, services or even logistics, who has the time for branding & marketing? Great question! When you are thinking about the perfect wrapping paper to encapsulate your mission, values and goals; you need an elf that isn’t just up on a shelf. Looking to finish it all off with a shiny red bow? You have just found someone who has the knowledge, expertise and a little imagination to ensure that your business will keep soaring through the sky for all the good girls and boys to see!

Elf shoes? You are going to try to associate business with elf shoes?!? I’m pretty sure I already did. Elves keep the North Pole hopping and moving toward one goal, and that is exactly what AdCo and I can do for you and your business. No matter what it is that you do, we will be working behind the scenes so that your business can visibly shine. Elf shoes may be small in stature, but I promise you, they are very hard to fill.

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