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Talkin' 'Bout Resolution

Digital images are stored as a grid of pixels, however a digitally stored image has no inherent physical dimensions.


It’s absolutely true. An image that is 1,000 px X 1,000 px has no measurement because there is no resolution associated with it. The resolution of an image is an indicator for how to interpret the pixels and is generally expressed as PPI (Pixels Per Inch) or DPI (Dots Per Inch). You can think of DPI like a map key showing you how long a mile is for example.

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Honesty is the Best Policy

As a recent University of Illinois graduate, I am the new kid on the block here at AdCo. Unlike academic professors, clients forgo the distribution of syllabi. Sure, in initial meetings, we share goals and expectations, but there is no script for day to day interaction and opportunities jump up, and we need to be able to grab them!

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Integrating Social Media into Your Traditional Marketing Plan

I think most companies realize the importance of social media in the current marketplace. It is all around us and becoming a bigger and bigger part of our everyday lives. This gives companies a new, effective way to communicate with potential and existing customers. The challenge becomes in how to best integrate social media strategies with the traditional media strategies.

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AdCo is more than just a typical advertising agency because we have so much more to offer than a typical agency. We have nationwide and regional media-buying specialists on staff. We conduct primary and secondary research. We offer total web development and hosting capabilities. We have complete audio and video production studios in-house. And we are the only official Google™ agency in downstate Illinois.

Our approach is simple. We monitor consumer trends and the marketplace in great detail to ensure the recommendations we make are well-researched, expertly planned, economically feasible and perfectly executed. And we are not afraid to try something new, but are cautious to make sure it is in the right direction. Which is really the ultimate goal of everything we do: help our clients find the right direction.

Responsive Web

We design and develop fully responsive websites which eliminate the need for separate mobile sites, having been designed from the ground up with mobile use in mind.

A good looking design is only part of the equation. Dedicated hosting, continuous monitoring and rock-solid code keep your sites - and your business - up and running.

AdCo develops and implements digital marketing strategies

In the ever-changing landscape of the internet, we develop, execute and maintain digital campaigns which maximize exposure. Eblasts, Social Media marketing all backed up with the latest analytics.

Award winning graphic design

With all the new focus on digital marketing and web development, we haven't lost connection to our roots: quality graphic design and branding.

Our focus is consistency of your brand across all platforms traditional, digital and beyond.

In-house audio and video production facility

Audio. Video. Interactive.

From Television, Radio and Industrial video to cutting edge web content creation, our award winning productions elevate your brand.

18 years of media buying experience

AdCo began as a media buying agency. I guess you could say we've been doing something right. We put our years of media-buying and negotiating experience into maximizing your budget to help you reach your target demographics.

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