Who We Are
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Who We Are

we are:

  • dedicated to creative excellence;
  • focused on innovative solutions;
  • and manage results through a committed partnership
  • it's that simple

we will:

  • value our customers;
  • listen and understand their goals;
  • enhance their advertising/marketing/digital;
  • earn their loyalty
  • and exceed their expectations.

Our History

AdCo began in January of 1997 as a media buying agency at a time when the concept was new and only in large media markets. Julie Russell, founder and president of AdCo, had worked with a few niche agencies such as these during her 10 year career in radio sales and saw the possibility of adapting that type of system to the Peoria market.

Armed with a new laptop computer, a subscription to the Arbitron and Nielsen Ratings and her 4 month old daughter, Julie “retired” from radio sales and immediately began representing two area agencies’ media buying services. Soon, AdCo began adding direct clients and what began as a radio/TV/outdoor media buying agency quickly needed creative services which were outsourced to other agencies and freelance artists.

In the summer of 2003, AdCo was given the opportunity to assume a large portion of another agency’s clients. This provided a strong foundation that allowed AdCo to become a full-service advertising agency.

AdCo continued adding staff following the then new and emerging philosophy of surrounding yourself with the best and making them part of your in-house team. A framework which allows for a higher level of creativity and ease of implementation.

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