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Content + Copy

A well-built site contains copy that completely engages the visitor while written to be keyword driven and optimized for web searches.

It is a balance, that only a true master of professional online writing can bring to a website so that a visitor gains information, but also keyword written for optimization for the highest organic search returns. We work with clients to identify the points and story to include, and then craft our online message to be easy to read, bullet pointed if needed and keyword driven. This could very well be the most important part of the success of a website, and a delicate balance so that it doesn’t appear odd to the reader.

We approach SEO in our initial build as one of our core competencies which gives our sites initial lift in organic search out of the gate. We recommend ongoing SEO as well to a site; however the best high-ranking organic search opportunity begins at the launch of a site and we believe in including quality copy at the build of a new site. Not just an afterthought.

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