Building Together
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Building Together

At AdCo, we pride ourselves on creating a collaborative work environment with our clients. We cultivate a collaborative environment where we utilize your knowledge of the marketplace, your products and your competitors, adding to that our experience with strategic planning, marketing savvy, quality creativity and solid execution and builds. We believe that initial planning sessions are the ideal starting point for projects. We refer to these meetings as “mining sessions” where we dig deep into your world to discover what molds and shapes your business as well as what this project needs to achieve and how, working together, we can ensure its ultimate success.

Planning the work

When we develop any large project we utilize a system we call Elastic Planning. Elastic Planning involves developing a solid, long-term strategic plan that includes flexible execution strategies. Smart, flexible execution strategies first and foremost ensure that the established goal are met, while at the same time providing some leeway in order to take advantage of unexpected opportunities when they occur throughout the year.

After all, you can’t plan for unexpected opportunities, but you can be prepared for them when they arise.

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